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top eyewear trends of 2024

The Top Eyewear Trends of 2024

The top 10 eyewear trends for 2024 – here we go. Navigating the ever-changing eyewear landscape can sometimes feel like a challenge. Especially when new trends seem to emerge at every turn. Like the beating heart of fashion, eyewear trends evolve and adapt to reflect the zeitgeist of our time. And 2024 is no exception. With a range of choices from sporty chic to eco-conscious, understanding the latest in eyewear has never been more exciting. There are just so many great brands out there – from British icon CUTLER AND GROSS to Swiss mainstay GÖTTI to German 3D printing wonder YOU MAWO, they are all innovating at a fascinating pace. Wanna look back instead? Check out the top eyewear trends of 2023


Digging deeper, it’s clear that the eyewear trends of 2024 are profoundly influenced not only by high fashion, but also by societal shifts, technological advances, and an increasing focus on sustainability. What about the influence of AI, 3D printing technology, or the changing social media landscape? Just as one chooses clothes that resonate with their personality, choosing the perfect pair of glasses is equally personal and transformative. But in today’s digital age, with innovations like virtual try-ons, the journey to finding the perfect pair has been simplified. So, are you ready to discover the defining eyewear trends of 2024? Let’s get started.

The top eyewear trends for 2024

Color gradients in frames: Subtly striking

Gradient frames are gaining popularity in 2024, representing a contemporary yet subtly artistic approach to eyewear design. These frames offer a mesmerizing transition of hues, adding a touch of flair and vibrancy to any ensemble. For those who’ve typically played it safe with their eyewear color choices, gradient frames may seem a bit daring. But with the right styling tips, they can easily become your go-to accessory. Choosing the right gradient colors is an art in itself. Just as an artist chooses complementary colors for a canvas, your eyewear should reflect or complement the tones in your outfit.

Eyewear Trends 2024 color gradients
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Transparent frames: low-key yet stylish

Clear frames are elegance in simplicity. And in 2024, the spotlight will shine brightly on clear frames. Eyewear specialists and platforms, including FAVR, have noticed a growing interest in these pristine wonders. Perfect for those who want to accentuate facial features or makeup without overpowering it, clear frames gracefully adapt to all skin tones and facial structures, seamlessly blending style and adaptability.

eyewear trends 2024 transparent frames
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High-tech luxury: a fusion of comfort and elegance

The world of eyewear is experiencing a transformative phase with the rise of high-tech luxury. As the lines between fashion, technology, and comfort continue to blur, there’s a growing demand for frames that not only enhance style, but also the overall wearing experience. Advanced materials, precision engineering, and intricate customization have become the touchstones of this trend. As a shining example of this wave, Belgium’s HOET showcases the pinnacle of innovation with their 3D printed titanium frames, highlighting how the future of eyewear seamlessly blends aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

eyewear trends 2024 hoet couture luxury

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3D printed eyewear: Customization at its core

In 2024, 3D printed eyewear will see the marriage of technology and personalization. Brands like FAVR offer unique, customizable designs that are not only fashionable, but also eco-friendly. The real potential of this trend? Limitless designs, customized to perfection. Say goodbye to the age-old struggle to find the perfect fit and embrace eyewear that is as comfortable as it is chic.

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Athleisure eyewear: Functional meets fabulous

Remember those dazzling wraparound shades once reserved for athletes? They’ve made a strong comeback. Embraced by Gen Zers and seen on runways, these frames are perfect for those on the go. But it’s not a pure fashion statement, but something functional as well: Athletic and fashion-forward brands like Out Of present functional eyewear with a hightech edge: photochromic lenses that combine style and adaptability. These smart glasses adapt to changing light conditions for optimal vision whether you’re indoors or out, thanks to light-sensitive molecules.


Oversized square frames: Go big or go home

2024 seems to be the year of maximalism in eyewear, with oversized square frames ruling the roost. Perfect for making a statement, these frames complement different face shapes and ensure both form and function are on point.

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Shield Eyewear: Bold and functional

As the wheel of fashion continues to turn, 2024 has ushered in a new fascination with Shield sunglasses, a style that originated in the world of sports but later took the fashion industry by storm. Their first significant tryst with mainstream popularity came in the flamboyant 1970s, a time synonymous with bold choices and experimental styles. Developments in lens technology during this era played a pivotal role, allowing a single lens sheet to be meticulously shaped and bent, resulting in the iconic wraparound design of Shield frames. Characterized by their expansive lens area, these frames not only serve as a dominant fashion statement, but also offer an enhanced level of protection.

eyewear trends 2024 shield

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Tinted Sunglasses: Painting the world with color

The COVID-19 pandemic may have cast a dark shadow over the past few years, but the eyewear trend of 2024 offers a bright silver lining: tinted sunglasses. The eyewear world is now awash in a kaleidoscope of color. From Versace’s bold fuchsia and deep cerulean to the subtle charm of Gucci’s coral lenses, everyone can find their own personal rainbow. This spring, don’t just observe the world – experience it through a palette of electrifying hues.

eyewear trends 2024 tinted lenses

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Flat Top Frames: The past meets the future

Combining the charm of the past with the innovation of tomorrow, flat-top frames are this year’s eyewear must-have. They’ve risen to the pinnacle of eyewear fashion, representing a harmonious balance of retro aesthetics and modern chic. A nod to iconic styles, the flat top brings vintage back with a sophisticated flair, making it a wardrobe essential for 2024.

trends 2024 eyewear flat top veronika wildgruber

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Hexagonal shapes: A new angle on fashion

Saying goodbye to the conventional, hexagonal sunglasses are revolutionizing the eyewear scene. These frames combine the vibrant spirit of the ’70s with the sleekness of modern design. Especially when paired with light, breezy summer outfits, these geometric marvels become instant eye-catchers and add an edgy twist to any look.

eyewear trends 2024 hexagonal shapes
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As we witness these transformative trends, one thing is for sure: each new year will be a spectacle to behold – and now you know the top eyewear trends of 2024.

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