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Brillen für schmale und zierliche Gesichter

Glasses for small faces: Perfect fit for narrow profiles

A narrow face requires special attention when choosing glasses. The right glasses should not only fit perfectly, but also harmoniously emphasize the individual facial features. Here you can find out what is important when choosing glasses for narrow faces and why high-quality models such as those from COLIBRIS are the ideal solution.

Tips for choosing the right glasses for narrow faces

Finding the ideal glasses is often a challenge for people with narrow faces. Standard models do not always fit, may be too wide or appear disproportionate. Narrow faces need glasses with delicate and filigree frames. These ensure that the glasses do not appear too dominant and harmoniously support the facial features. Rectangular or oval lenses give the face more volume, while frames that are too dominant should be avoided. Rimless frames are also particularly suitable as they appear almost invisible and do not overload the narrow face.

When buying glasses for narrow faces, it is important to pay attention to the correct proportions. Measure the width of your face and choose glasses that fit in harmoniously. Make sure that the glasses are not too wide and that the lenses emphasize the shape of your face in a flattering way. Colibris glasses, for example, are perfect for narrow face widths and offer an ideal fit.

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The trendsetters: narrow glasses for a timeless look

Narrow glasses are versatile. Whether rectangular models, oval glasses or filigree metal frames – the choice is huge. Handmade glasses, such as those offered by Colibris, are characterized not only by quality but also by sophisticated details. These eyewear collections set trends and emphasize the personality of the wearer.

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COLIBRIS eyewear: Quality, craftsmanship and passion

The models from COLIBRIS are an outstanding example of narrow glasses that are explicitly aimed at petite faces. Founders Susanne and Wolfgang Reckzeh launched the brand to create a solution for their own needs. Today, COLIBRIS is an internationally recognized eyewear manufacturer characterized by quality, craftsmanship and passion. Under the leadership of Elena Reckzeh-Gogoll, the family business continues to set standards – especially for customers with narrow faces.

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Conclusion: Narrow glasses for timeless style

The search for the perfect pair of glasses for narrow faces often ends at COLIBRIS. The high-quality frames are not only based on clear Nordic designs, but also impress with their precision and attention to detail. With Colibris glasses, every woman with a narrow face becomes an eye-catcher and can perfectly emphasize her personal style. Discover the variety and quality of COLIBRIS eyewear – the eyewear solution for narrow faces.

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