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Welcome to the Eyewear Blog of FAVR! While you can find the best eyewear from premium eyewear brands and designer eyewear brands on our Home, we want to go deeper into the matter at this point. Our eyewear blog section shows you the latest eyewear trends for the year, gives hints on the best eyewear brands worldwide and offers info on different materials or shapes of eyewear. Opticians worldwide also come into focus in our blog. All this should help you in the end of course to find the perfect glasses. Our blog is our little eyewear magazine that shows you the way through the eyewear jungle.

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The Eyewear Blog of FAVR should help you with inspiration and background knowledge to choose the right optical glasses or sunglasses. To this end, we delve into the topic of eyewear in the direction of materials and report on the most popular glasses made of wood, horn, titanium or from the 3D printer. We also show you shapes like Cateye, Aviator (pilot glasses) or Panto (P3) with all the background information so that you can decide in the best possible way which glasses suit you best or which advantages and disadvantages a pair of glasses has for you individually.

At FAVR, we only work with premium eyewear brands that we select according to strict criteria.