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EuroOptica – State-of-the-Art Ottica a NYC

In our new category The Opticians Guidance | Learn from the best, we regularly present top opticians who are successful with their concepts. They do this with an outstanding in-store shopping experience and always with an innovative digital approach that inspires their potential customers online for their own business.

We kick off our new series with a heavyweight in the independent optician space: EuroOptica. With its recent expansion, the New York-based establishment now proudly boasts a second store. And they are strategically situated on both sides of Central Park for customer convenience.

We talk to the EuroOptica team and learn lots of interesting facts about its offline and online strategy.

EuroOptica is one of the top stores in New York. How long have you been around?

Since our inception in 1996 on the Upper West Side, EuroOptica has been shaping the eyewear landscape of New York City. Our journey saw a significant milestone with the opening of our flagship store at W73 and Columbus in 2020. Responding to overwhelming demand, we proudly opened another flagship on the Upper East Side at 72nd and 3rd Avenue at the end of 2023. Each store is a haven of elegance and innovation, where each frame in our boutique collection tells a unique story. Our dedicated staff members are more than customer service people; they are custodians of personalized eyewear experience, ensuring every lens is crafted to suit individual lifestyles through state of the are techniques and lens technology. At EuroOptica, we’re not just part of the eyewear trend; we’re at the forefront, inviting you to see the world through a new lens and feel the distinct EuroOptica difference.

You mentioned your new store in the Upper East Side. What motivated you to open the second store?

Our decision to open a new store on the Upper East Side was driven by the voices of our valued clients and patients. For years, we’ve had the privilege of serving numerous customers from the UES at our original Upper West Side location. Their frequent inquiries and requests echoed a clear message: there was a strong desire for EuroOptica’s unique blend of style and personalized eye care closer to their homes. We listened intently to this growing demand. It’s not just about expanding our presence; it’s about deepening our commitment to our customers. By opening our doors on the UES, we’ve made our signature ‘see and feel’ experience more accessible. It’s a testament to our dedication to meet and exceed the needs of our community, ensuring that the EuroOptica experience is not just a service, but a part of their lifestyle. This new flagship is more than a store; it’s a response to a call from our customers, a symbol of our enduring relationship with them, and our ongoing commitment to provide unparalleled vision and style.

What is the difference between the two stores?

At EuroOptica, our core philosophy is about creating an immersive journey and experience that resonates with every customer, regardless of which store they visit. This foundational culture is steadfastly instilled in both our Upper West Side (UWS) and Upper East Side (UES) locations. The primary difference lies in the physical space and design concept of the UES store. It’s larger, allowing us to expand our offerings and enhance the »see and feel« experience. The UES store embodies what we call the »V2 concept« – a version two of our design ethos, providing a fresh take on the look and feel while maintaining the essence of the EuroOptica brand. This new concept is an evolution, a testament to our growth and innovation in eyewear fashion and customer experience. Despite this evolution, our core remains unchanged. It’s our unique approach to customer service, our commitment to quality, and our passion for eyewear that truly sets us apart. Both stores, in essence, reflect the same heart and soul of EuroOptica, just presented in a slightly different »frame« at the UES.

Why “EuroOptica” anyway? Do you only have European brands in your range?

The name “EuroOptica” is a nod to our roots and inspiration drawn from European eyewear fashion and design. Europe has long been recognized as a cradle of innovative eyewear, known for its impeccable craftsmanship, cutting-edge styles, and pioneering vision care technology. Our name reflects this heritage and our commitment to bringing the best of European eyewear aesthetics and quality to New York City.

However, our range is not limited to just European brands. While we proudly feature an extensive collection of European designers, known for their unique styles and unparalleled quality, we also curate a diverse selection of top-tier eyewear from around the world. Our inventory is a carefully selected mix of global and local brands that align with our philosophy of combining fashion with function. This eclectic mix ensures that every customer finds something that not only suits their vision needs but also elevates their personal style. At EuroOptica, it’s about providing a ‘see and feel’ experience that transcends geographical boundaries, offering our customers a world-class selection of eyewear that caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

With your store, you have almost become a brand in your own right. How would you describe your DNA?

EuroOptica’s DNA is a fusion of cutting-edge lens technology, unparalleled frame selection, and personalized service. At our core, we pride ourselves on bringing not just the finest frames but also next-level, custom-tailored lenses to our clientele. Our expertise lies in enhancing vision with lenses crafted to exacting standards, offering clarity and quality beyond expectations. This focus on lens technology, combined with our collection of global eyewear trends, defines our brand. We create more than just a shopping experience; we offer a new perspective. Each customer journey with us is about discovering eyewear that perfectly marries style with superior visual performance. At EuroOptica, excellence in eyewear is not just about aesthetics, it’s about seeing the world with renewed clarity and precision, making us a distinct and trusted name in eyewear.”

What makes a good eyewear brand so that you include it in your range?

At EuroOptica, we select eyewear brands based on three key criteria: uniqueness, partnership, and craftsmanship. A brand must stand out with its distinctive design and story, be a collaborative partner aligned with our vision, and uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. These principles ensure our collection features only the best, offering our customers exceptional eyewear choices.

What are the special challenges for an optician in a big city like New York?

The primary challenge for an optician in a city as bustling as New York is ensuring the right staff. The pace and diversity of the city require a team that’s not only skilled in optometry but also adept at understanding and catering to a wide range of customer needs and preferences. Finding professionals who can balance technical expertise with exceptional customer service is crucial. They must be quick to adapt to the fast-paced environment, handle the high volume of customers efficiently, and maintain the high standard of care and personalized service that our clientele expects. In essence, the right staff is the cornerstone of success for an optician in New York, embodying the fusion of professional excellence and the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

On the other hand, a city like New York also has an almost inexhaustible customer potential. How do new customers find you?

In the vast landscape of New York City, where the potential for new customers is indeed vast, we find that word-of-mouth is our most powerful tool. Our existing customers become our ambassadors, sharing their experiences with friends, family, and colleagues. We believe that each satisfied customer’s story of exceptional service, cutting-edge lens technology, and unique eyewear selection resonates more deeply than any traditional advertising. This organic spread of our reputation is a testament to the quality of our service and products. In a city that thrives on personal recommendations, the endorsement of our customers is invaluable in guiding new clients to our doors.

How high is the proportion of regular customers in your store?

At EuroOptica, we value the privacy and confidentiality of our business metrics, including the proportion of regular customers. What we can share, however, is that we are proud to have a strong community of loyal customers. Their repeat visits and the trust they place in us year after year is a testament to the quality of our service and the unique eyewear experience we offer. We focus on building lasting relationships with each client, ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors not only becomes a part of the EuroOptica family but also feels compelled to return for the unmatched »see and feel« experience we provide.

What do your customers appreciate about your store? How do you manage to keep your customers loyal?

Our customers value the exceptional experience and personalized service at EuroOptica. From the moment they enter, they’re immersed in a journey of discovery, with a focus on custom-tailored eyewear that meets their unique style and vision needs. Our commitment to quality in both lenses and frames, coupled with our attentive service, is what keeps our customers returning and loyal to our brand.

How do you differentiate yourselves from other opticians? What do you do particularly well?

EuroOptica differentiates itself by focusing on the high-end market, while combining the best of both worlds: the sophistication of big corporate and the personalized touch of a small business. We excel in providing a unique “see and feel” experience with our advanced lens technology and bespoke frames. Our approach emphasizes the importance of customer experience, a simple yet powerful concept that sets us apart in a market often dominated by larger, less personal entities. This balance of corporate professionalism and small business intimacy is our unique edge, and while we are proud of our achievements, we continuously strive to surpass our own high standards.

What role do sunglasses play in your product range compared to optical glasses?

Sunglasses play a crucial role in our product range. We emphasize not only their style but also their critical function in protecting against harmful UV radiation. At EuroOptica, we’re dedicated to educating our clients about this vital aspect, ensuring they understand that wearing quality sunglasses is as much about eye health as it is about fashion. Our curated selection of sunglasses combines the best of protection and style, reflecting our commitment to both vision care and aesthetic appeal.

You are also quite active online. When did you start your online business?

At EuroOptica, our online presence, established from our experience in e-commerce, is a supportive extension of our physical stores. It’s primarily an educational resource for our clients, offering insights into eyewear trends, lens technology, and eye health. While our online platform showcases our expertise, our main passion remains in providing unparalleled, personal experiences in our stores, where the essence of our »see and feel« philosophy truly comes alive.

You are a premium partner of FAVR and your product landing page is one of the most successful with 20,000 views per year. Why is it generally important to offer your customers good product inspiration?

Offering quality product inspiration is crucial as it empowers our customers to make informed choices. It reflects our commitment to not just selling eyewear, but guiding customers towards styles and technologies that enhance both their vision and personal aesthetics. This approach enriches the customer experience, ensuring they find eyewear that truly resonates with their needs and preferences.

What are the particular challenges of online business?

Our perspective on online business is that it significantly lacks the personal touch essential in eyewear selection and fitting, a cornerstone of our mission and vision. The unique challenges of replicating the high level of personalized service and detailed customization we offer in-store online are considerable. We believe that the true essence of our »see and feel« experience can only be fully realized through direct, in-person interactions, which is why we focus on providing exceptional service in our physical stores rather than expanding extensively into online sales. 

Do you have all the brands you offer online in your local range?

Yes, for the most part.

What will be the most important challenges in the future in order to maintain your position as an optician?

The most significant challenge for us in maintaining our position as a leading optician will be to consistently deliver the exceptional client experience we’re known for. In the ever-evolving world of eyewear and eye care, staying ahead means not only keeping up with technological advancements and trends but also ensuring that every client interaction remains personalized, attentive, and informative. This consistency in delivering a superior “see and feel” experience, while seemingly simple, requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. It’s a challenge we embrace wholeheartedly, as it aligns with our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

How do you see the competition from the big chains and verticals?

Facing competition from big chains and verticals, we remain steadfast in our approach. We recognize that these larger entities operate differently, but at EuroOptica, we believe our strength lies in the personalized, “see and feel” experience we offer. This sets us apart from the mass market approach of larger competitors. We focus on quality, custom solutions, and individual customer care, which we find is often overlooked in bigger chains. Our commitment to these values is our competitive edge in the market.

What will be your particular focus in 2024?

Our focus in 2024 will be on expanding our presence with more locations, while rigorously maintaining the high standards of customer interaction that define EuroOptica.