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The Best Cat Eye Frames

What is the one fashion accessory today’s leading influencers and sex symbols need? That’s right, cat eye frames! They shine as sunglasses or prescription styles. These generously-sized glasses with their upswept lenses have been a staple for premium eyewear brands for the past decades. Before that, Hollywood’s leading ladies made cat eye glasses their calling cards in the 1950s and 1960s. For example, actresses like Elizabeth Taylor made cat eye frames symbols of powerful women. Want to follow in their illustrious footsteps? Therefore, we compiled a selection of the Top 9 Cat Eye-Style Frames. Most importantly, you can see on your own face instantly in our Virtual Try-On tool. Meow!


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Cat Eye Frames: History of a Design Icon

According to legend, cat eyes go back to a fashion-minded New Yorker. That is to say, Altina Schinasi ordered the first customized cat eye frames from her optician. Allegedly, she was inspired by harlequin masks from carnival celebrations in Venice, Italy. In those early days, cat eye specs were mostly worn as prescription glasses. But that changed overnight in 1961 with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. In the cult movie, Audrey Hepburn can be seen wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses in cat eye style. To clarify, this was the ‘Manhattan’ model by Oliver Goldsmith.

Suddenly, women couldn’t get enough of tinted cat eye sunglasses. After all, they soon became staples in the sunnies segment. Famous cat eye aficionados included Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Barbara Windsor. Subsequently, the historic successors of cat eye frames became the oversized bug-eye glasses of the 1970s. However, cat eyes never fully disappeared from eyewear design. Today, self-confident super stars such as Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner can be seen rocking the classic style with new pizzazz.

What exactly makes a true ‘cat eye’ frame?

Also known as ‘butterfly glasses’, cat eye spectacles are defined by pointed lenses with an upsweep along the brow line. In terms of materials, cat eyes have a tendency towards acetate. But also classic natural horn. Recently, a new generation of metal cat eyes have emerged on the scene. Moreover, these newcomers also incorporate titanium. Historically speaking, cat eyes first made a splash as prescription frames before setting the trend in the sunglasses segment. Subsequently, cat eye sunglasses have experienced a glorious comeback since the early 2000s.

Modern interpretations of cat eye frames

The signature upsweep along the brow line has remained a definitive characteristic of cat eyes from day one. But in terms of size, cat eyes have evolved from rather petite beginnings into more and more generously appointed sizes since the 1960s. Along those lines, contemporary cat eye frames from premium brands are trending towards oversized looks, for instance in the shape of rimless frames for a futuristic cat eye style. But there are also exceptions, like micro frame cat eyes. Despite all those variations, one thing remains certain: These classic frames are far more than a fleeting trend. In conclusion, they have retained their sex appeal in the eyewear design universe over the years.

What types of wearers are best suited for cat eye frames?

At the moment, the lines between genders are blurring in the eyewear world. But nevertheless, cat eye frames are a big exception: Although some bold men could be seen wearing cat eyes in the halcyon days of the 1950s, out in the wild we see mostly female wearers of cat eye frames. Generally speaking, the butterfly frame will flatter any shape of face. But please note: Size matters! Oversized cat eyes will fit anyone, but more petite variations and prescription cat eyes should definitely be fitted by a professional optician.

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Brand: CHANEL | Model: 3450-B – c.1729 |


Brand: CUTLER AND GROSS| Model: GR05 |


Brand: DIOR | Model: SIGNATUREO |


Brand: DITA| Model: NEMORA |




Brand: J.F. REY Model: MADISON |


Brand: LINDBERG| Model: 1183 – AK48 |


Brand: SILHOUETTE| Model: ARTLINE L005 |



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