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Monoqool. Maker of innovative Eyewear.

MONOQOOL took the eyewear industry by storm in 2009 when it entered the market with a unique innovation – frames with a screwless spiral hinge featured in a highly innovative collection called the NXT series. It didn’t take long for the collection to be picked up by designers and win several international design awards later on. Their dedication set the scene for many more innovations along the way, leading to a pole position in the 3D printing department where they are still unequalled up till this day. An overlook.



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3D printed Eyewear made in Denmark

Settled in the beautiful nature North of Copenhagen, MONOQOOL entered the scene with the aim to break new ground by using new technologies and materials. Eager to take innovation to an even higher level, the brand specialised in 3D printed glasses, finding a revolutionary way of designing and manufacturing eyewear in Denmark. Where other companies move their production to low-wage countries, MONOQOOL takes pride in keeping every step of the process local or European while staying true to their Danish design heritage. 

Among the many methods on the market for 3D-printing, MONOQOOL uses a powder-based 3D-printing technology. The designs that are on the computer are sent to the 3D-printer. The robot then spreads layers of 0.1 mm polyamide on the surface of the printer. Then the laser does its work, hardening the polyamide into a solid substance. Another layer of polyamide is spread and so on. The process repeats itself until the glasses are completely printed. In reality, hundreds of spectacles are printed in one printing phase; one phase takes approximately 24 hours.

Next, the glasses are sent to the polishing machine, after which they enter the colouring process, are assembled and made ready to wear. Making sure that the frames are not only super sleek, MONOQOOL is also keen on producing super comfortable and light frames (4 grams tops) by smoothing the edges and keeping them as reduced as possible. 

Getting rid of all screws, the frames are stripped down to their core, what is left is really just what’s needed. As a result, the wearer purchases the finest and lightest 3D-printed frames on the market.


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Light in weight and powerful in impact 

Campaign after campaign, collection after collection, MONOQOOL has been focussing on optimising the processes, materials and technicality of their frames. Completing their vibrant collections Slider Series, Wire Series and IQ Series, MONOQOOL recently added 11 new styles, inspired by architecture, art and previous decades . Find a selection of MONOQOOL models here on FAVR, where the virtual try-on feature allows you to try on every frame immediately.

A Day At The Museum

The world famous Glyptoteket museum in Copenhagen, was the venue of choice for Denmark based fall/winter campaign. Combining history, art with modern high tech 3D-printed glasses, the new models come in the new and ultra feminine cloudy pink – almost white in colour with a delicate touch of pink.


Back To The 80S

New this season are the 80s inspired »Karma« and »Self Control« glasses. Both featuring a square design. The» Self Control« model with a cool double bridge true to style. The designs includes the flat horizontal style temples and with a clever hinge without any screws. These inspiring sceneries led to new additions in the following collections:




With its distinctive 80s overtones, »Karma« is a standout choice for autumn/winter. The squarish eye shape with a gentle tapering in the lower section is totally on trend.

»Self Control«

A head-turning 80s look, this model is all about the statement bridge and cool square oversized eye shape – for men and women who appreciate a statement frame.


Round with an unexpected grooved detailing, »Utopia« shows off the versatility of 3D-printing tech. The metal bridge brings a stylish contrast. Available also as a sunglasses style.



This brand new model features a screwless hinge solution and ultrathin wire temples. Available in several colours including the new Cloudy Pink, designed to stand out.


Adding to the the MONOQOOL Wire series, »Drive« is a rounded hexagonal shape with smooth edges, super thin wire temples and available in a variety of sexy shades.


»Waltz WZ«

A perfectly round shape with a very distinguished curved nose bridge. A frame that’s clearly made to stand out in the crowd.


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